Commit to 16

Congratulations! By committing to wait until 16 to have social media, you are taking control of your life. You’re promising to let your brain develop a little more before you take on the dangers of social media. There may be times when it’s hard, but we promise that protecting your mental health is worth it.

The form below has a space for you and your parents. We recognize how important it is to work together and want to make this a family effort.

As part of Committing to 16, we will send a survey every 6 months to check in on you. The survey questions you answer will allow us to create a study to compare to studies done of kids and teens who have social media before age 16. We expect to see fewer mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mistakes that can never be taken off the internet.

Your security and personal information are a priority to us. We seek to protect this information by maintaining electronic security measures and safeguards designed to protect personal information within our organization. When you enter the information on this form, it is stored in our data system for our eyes only. We will not sell, rent, or share your information with anyone outside of Committing to 16.

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