Keeping our kids safe from social media doesn’t mean they can’t have a phone.

We’ve partnered with some of the top safe-phone and watch companies to bring you information and discounts on the best products for your kids.


If you’re not ready for a phone but want the peace of mind to be able to contact your kids and know where they are, look into these watch options.

Gabb Watch

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Tick Talk Watch

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Verizon Gizmo Watch

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Apple Watch

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Get your kids a phone that you feel good about! Here is a list of safe phones, free of internet and social media. Find which one works best for your family and use our discount!

Pinwheel Phone

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Troomi Phone

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Even if you don’t win, you still get $40 off your order!

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Gabb Phone

Black Friday starts now! Beginning November 1st, all devices will be FREE with a two-year agreement. Buyers will also get one  free accessory (up to $20 in value) per line when you use this promo code or link!

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Bark Phone

Phone coming soon! Preorders are available at

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See full details

Bark phone details:

• The Bark Phone is a Samsung A13. I know a lot of families are Apple families, but Apple makes it extremely difficult to monitor some of the most popular social media platforms. Androids don’t have this problem nearly as much, which is why we went with it.

• Pricing plans range from $49/month to $69/month, depending on the data plan selected (from Wi-Fi only up to 8GB). No contract is required, and you can cancel at any time and return the device. There is no upfront cost for the device.

• The Bark Phone subscription can be added to an existing account and includes a USB charging cord, unlimited talk and text, a protective case, and a Bark Premium subscription for your entire family.

• Data and coverage will be provided by Bark. We’ll publish a coverage map at when it’s ready.

• Each device comes with Bark built in, and the best part is that Bark can’t be deleted, even if you factory reset it. We designed the Bark Phone to be as tamper-proof as possible.

• In addition to the Bark software you’re familiar with, the phone will also come with new parental control features. You’ll be able to manage calls and contacts, approve app downloads, use GPS-powered location tracking, and more.

• The Bark Phone doesn’t broadcast that it’s a “kid phone” — there’s no Bark branding or logos on it. It looks like any other Samsung A13.

• Everything about the Bark Phone is customizable because you know your child best. You can set things up so that its functions are extremely limited for younger kids, and you can gradually add in functionality and responsibility as kids get older.

Pre-ordering the phone at will be the best way to make sure you have it in time for the holidays.