Are there pros to kids having social media under 16?

Maybe (a huge, doubtful maaaybeee?). But there certainly are cons that are stronger and more dangerous than any potential pro.

At Committing to 16, we recognize the importance of kids and teens coming to their own conclusion about the dangers of social media and having ownership in their decision to wait.

We’re here to educate kids, teens, and parents about the reasons to wait until 16 to get social media and provide comradery in a support system. Here, kids under 16 who don’t have social media will know that they are not alone.

You may have heard the term, “an ounce of prevention is like a pound of cure.” Our goal is to prevent mental health issues, disorders, and years of therapy by:

  • 1. Avoiding feelings of inadequacy that come with seeing everyone’s social media “perfect” life and comparing it to real, “boring,” life.
  • 2. Minimizing FOMO (fear of missing out) and
  • 3. feelings of isolation by not constantly seeing pictures of the cool things everyone else is doing together.
  • 4. Preventing anxiety and depression brought on by social media.
  • 5. Steering clear of cyberbullying (both being bullied and being the bully) by avoiding “cyber” almost completely.
  • 6. Promoting healthy, real-life relationships, hobbies, and exercise that produce endorphins and make us happy.

Social media is addicting, distracting, and unfortunately, widely used by elementary and middle schoolers. It is exposing kids to issues and images that they are not ready to experience. It is robbing them of time spent in nature, with friends, reading books, and bonding with family.

Many parents can see the difference in their kid after a short time on social media, and it’s usually not positive. The constant begging and nagging can get old and wearing, causing parents to give in and lose the battle. Kids need to have understanding in the decision to wait until 16 to have social media. That’s why educating both kids and parents is so important.

Let’s keep our kids mentally healthy! 

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